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All rights to all images, music, sounds, and materials contained on this site and/or disc ( and/or Peter Thorsett Electronic Portfolio) are reserved. This site and/or disc, the images, sounds, music, and materials, contained herein, are protected by the Copyright Laws of the United States, 17 U.S.C. (symbol) 101, et. Seq., in addition to the right of Privacy and Publicity Laws of the United States and all Copyright Laws and other Laws of countries pursuant to the Berne Convention and International Law. None of these images, sounds, music, or materials may be reproduced or transmitted in whole or in part in any form, without prior written permission of Peter E. Thorsett and/or his authorized agents. Intentional violation of copyright holder's rights can lead to penalties of $100,000 plus attorney's fees. Any infringement will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. Loading or opening this site and/or disc, and/or acceptance of any marketing materials, mailing, catalog, and/or CD or sounds or music or images in any digital format from Peter E. Thorsett acknowledges your acceptance of the terms and conditions. If you do not wish to enter into this agreement, exit this site and/or eject the disc and return any materials to Peter E. Thorsett within ten (10) business days to the following address: Peter E. Thorsett, PO Box 620549, Charlotte, NC 28262, U.S.A. Failure to exit the site and/or disc, the portfolio environment interface, or return all materials will result in your being bound by these terms and conditions.

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When accessing the site and/or disc, recipient agrees that the music, sounds, images, text, and/or other materials are for their sole, private use and are not to be used, played, or otherwise distributed in the public domain without the prior written consent of Peter E. Thorsett and/or his authorized agents, and/or the producer of the work. Recipient agrees not to use, nor will Peter E. Thorsett agree to accept the use of any materials obtained from this site in any defamatory or obscene manner either by physical changes or by accompanying text. Recipient agrees to indemnify and defend Peter E. Thorsett from and against all damages, including all reasonable attorney's fees, resulting from Recipient's use of the materials, if used without prior written agreement.

Copyright Law
Copyright Law is very complex and often confusing. It also has different characteristics in different countries. It is not Peter E. Thorsett's intention to give legal advice (only a copyright attorney can do that) but rather to give some general information regarding copyright, as it relates to the use of this website and the materials contained herein, as we understand it.

Copyright Act of 1976
Works created after January 1, 1978
Pursuant to the 1976 Act, all works created after January 1, 1978 are afforded a term of statutory copyright beginning at the work's creation and enduring for the life of the author plus fifty years after his death. 17 U.S.C. §302(a). The 1976 Act further provides that a work is "created" so as to begin the term of statutory copyright when it is fixed in tangible form under the authority of the author for the first time, regardless of whether the work is registered with the Copyright Office. 17 U.S.C. § 101. The basic term of the author plus fifty years is equally applicable to unpublished and published works. A work made for hire, if created on or after January 1, 1978, is afforded a term of 75 years from the date of first publication or a term of 100 years from its creation, whichever expires first. 17 U.S.C. § 302(c). In such a case, the employer for whom the work was prepared is deemed the author. 17 U.S.C. § 201(b).

Works created prior to January 1, 1978
On January 1, 1978, when the 1976 Act became effective, common law copyright as to nearly all works terminated by reason of federal pre-emption. Prior to that date, common law copyright existed in a work from the moment of creation and continued until the work was published or registered with the Copyright Office as an unpublished work - at which point the work obtained statutory copyright. All works which obtained statutory copyright prior to January 1, 1978 (and which did not lapse into the public domain through expiration of its term of copyright) were protected for an initial copyright term of 28 years commencing upon the date that statutory copyright was originally secured. Under the Copyright Act of 1909, such works were entitled to a renewal term of an additional 28 years if an application for renewal registration was submitted to the Copyright Office within one year prior to the expiration of the original term. 17 U.S.C. § 24 (1909 Act). The 1976 Act extended the renewal term (but not the first term) by an additional 19 years so that the renewal term is now 47 years rather than 28 years. A work, which, as of January 1, had already begun its renewal term thus, became entitled to an additional 19 years of protection or a total of 75 years from the time the first term copyright was secured. This renewal period is applicable only to works that were protected by statutory copyright prior to January 1, 1978 and had not entered into public domain due to the expiration of the initial term without submission of a renewal registration to the Copyright Office.

The Berne Copyright Convention
The Berne Convention was established in 1886, and is the world's oldest international copyright treaty. The United States did not become a member until March 1, 1989, although it had been part of the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC) since 1954. The Berne Convention's copyright treaty had been signed by 96 countries, and all the member nations are required to provide the same copyright protection to all nationals in all the member nations. This treaty is much broader in scope and offers far more protection than the UCC. The United States Congress amended the Copyright Act in order to comply with the terms of the Berne Convention. It was no longer necessary to register a work with the US Copyright Office in order to receive protection from infringement. There is still a catch. Creators from other member nations can initiate litigation in the US without having registered the work. However, U.S. creators must attempt registration before commencing litigation. There is an incentive for U.S. creators to register, which is that Congress doubled the level of statutory damages, which the copyright owner may recover for registered works. The creator does not need to prove that the violator made profits or that economic injury was caused to the creator. Statutory damages were increased from $50,000 to $100,000. In most cases, an U.S. plaintiff will not be rewarded these damages or attorney's fees unless the work was registered before the infringement was committed. The Berne Convention has eliminated the requirement that a published work contain a copyright notice. This is true for any work that is created in any of the member nations. It is still a good idea to include this notice, so that a violator can not claim "innocent infringement."

Right of Publicity
The right of publicity enables a person to prevent others from exploiting his or her name, likeness, voice, etc. without permission or authorization. There is no Federal statute or uniform state law that governs the right of publicity, so every state is different. For example, in Utah, only a person's likeness is protected and it is only while they are alive, while in California the likeness and photographs are protected for 50 years after death. In all states the likeness of a newsworthy person for non-commercial purposes, such as a news feature or a history book, is unrestricted.

Right of Privacy
Like the right of publicity, the right of privacy also differs from state to state. Essentially it is the right that individuals have to prevent unwanted exposure of their private life. This is why model releases and in some cases even property releases are needed when using an image for commercial purposes.

Derivative Works
Derivative works take someone else's creation and adapts or transforms it in some way. If a derivative work is based on a copyrighted work, permission from the original copyright holder must be obtained. If the new work is not authorized, then it is in violation of copyright. In some cases a derivative work may be eligible for a new copyright, but only the new original elements are covered.

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